Thursday, 8 October 2015

How to Get Paid Weekly to Write Articles Reviews Using 1 Powerful Tip

It is a clear cut fact that a wise article marketing research is the most effective strategy, which can be used in marketing products on the internet at low cost. It is also well known as bum marketing, which involves making money at home through promoting your services or other services by writing essays about how useful these services are.
Article marketing research is an ideal idea when it comes to bring visitors to your website and at the same time build high quality one way back-links to your web pages. If you followed the right strategy, then it is no longer necessary to waste your time in searching for companies that offer website promotion for small business.
However, the exciting question would be:
What is the best strategy to carry out the optimal article marketing research?
Based on my long years of experience, I can give you the answer in few words. The best strategy is "the marriage between outsourcing and automation leads to perfect results that you really deserve". I.e. your success, based on my personal point of view, is strongly related to 2 different factors that are outsourcing and automation.
Why I strongly recommend for you to rely on outsourcing?
Reason (1):
Online guides and seminars show that 90% of the beginners are lost among the available tools like free content, article creator, or free writing software. You should never do this mistake as most of these tools do not produce high quality text, which will negatively affect your reputation.
Reason (2):
Article marketing research involves a massive and continuous submission of articles over a long period of time. This works fine for online marketers, who work full time to develop their home based businesses, but this is not the case for beginners who can not devote full time to their online business since they usually keep their 9-5 job.
So, who has the time to write 1-3 essays per day after working 8-9 hours to earn money? In this context, do not under estimate the time and energy needed to write a high quality text especially, if you like to do it professionally.
Briefly, this hard and time-consuming process includes:
- Intensive keyword research, which is a task that needs long time and patience.
- Searching for the material and issue to be handled.
- Writing in a professional way that should be in the middle between complex statements and trivial one and in addition you should not forget that this task has nothing to do with writing advertising sales sheet.
- Never forget to eliminate any grammar or spelling mistakes.
Reason (3):
It is very usual that online marketers write essays to promote websites that handle totally different issues like finance, cars, etc. Hence, it is needed to write reports that deal with various issues, problems and different key points as well.
So, who has the time and energy after working long 8-9 hours per day to write professional and rich content essays in many interesting fields? If it is feasible for you to accomplish it, then do it and go ahead but I honestly doubt that you can keep going on this hard way for relatively long time like more than half a year.
Hence, based on my personal experiences, I would encourage you to outsource your writing tasks to freelance writers that can do this job easier and faster than you and, in this context, you will save a lot of problems in this area. In a future work, I will handle other related topics like how
and where to choose your ghost writer and what to tell him/her in order to get the work you can be proud of.
However, I offer you here 3 easy but yet extremely powerful tips when we talk here about outsourcing:
- Tip (1): Learn first what you like to outsource. It is not a good idea to outsource your writing efforts, if you have not master the needed skills yet. Otherwise, you will lack the power to take a good decision if the work delivered to you is of high quality plus you will not be well prepared to negotiate with your writer.

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