Thursday, 8 October 2015

Universe Long Before the Big Bang and After - Neosecularism Vs Atheism and Religion

Materials presented below are neither illusions nor assumptions. All are matters of absolute facts to me. But since there is no scientific tools presently available to prove any of the materials presented here, and the transcendence by which I have ascertained the truth about them cannot be explained in this short essay, I have to guide the reader to the references at the end of this essay to find the answer. Therefore, instead of facts I am going to present those as assumptions leaving to the readers knowledge of astronomy, astrophysics, other related fields and properly informed individuals, and their intelligence, reasoning power, logic and rationalization in reaching a reasonable conclusion. I propose that the reader assume each segment of these facts as a hypothesis, as we scientists do in verifying of any issue in our research and study process, then attempt through logic and reasoning to verify its different components and ultimately reach a reasonable conclusion.
Let us assume that there are two universes instead of one. Actually, there are three but we leave the third one out since it is very complex and difficult to understand with the present level of knowledge held by the scientific community. However, we will give a brief explanation of the third universe presenting its form and nature to the readers without bringing it into discussion. The first universe is matterless the second material and the third non-material. The first, being matterless, is not subject to time or space since only the matter can have such dimensions. Therefore, the Matterless Universe, under the standards of measurement used and understood at the present, expands to infinity with no beginning or end. It consists of what we may call "Pure Energy" or super-energy. It is a highly condensed mass of pure energy. The term "mass" used here is not the same as the material mass known to us. There is neither a way nor a proper term for this mass in our present scientific vocabulary. Since energy is the source of life for the body of the universe all the way down to plants, animals, humans and the smallest particles, comprehensively this Pure Energy must be the highest state of being, thus, dynamically alive, with supreme intelligence and enormous creative power. Therefore, as a supreme being it seems the only source capable of creation of the material universe as presented below. It is then proper to be called the Creator. Being matterless, it has no gender, thus, it is neither "He" nor "She" but "It". No light is associated with this Universe since any light is associated with matter and space.
Because the Creator is matterless, It extends to infinity. It is ever present everywhere transcending all matter including human beings. It has extensive sensitivity to the environment at any chosen point. As a matterless being It has no need to see but to sense. Therefore, It exists conveniently in absolute darkness. Our scientific community has already discovered a trace of the Creator. It has named it Dark Energy with a condensed mass and supreme power. All efforts are being made, within the material concept of science, to find more about it. This is nothing else but the Creator. As soon as we move away from our planet, we find ourselves in the same absolute darkness yet at the presence of the Creator. If we consider all these as facts, we may come to the conclusion that the Creator is not a holy dogmatic being as assumed by different religions but totally a secular being with no association with any particular religion. It is like a super scientist, inventor and creator and as such anxious for ultra-scientific designs and experimentations of which the creation of the Material Universe may have been one, and more likely not the only one. The essence of these experimentations may not be all for the same purpose namely to create a material universe.
The second universe is the Material Universe, which, at least so far as we have discovered, is subject to time and space as any matter, and as such it has a beginning, a process of life and development, and an ending. How the material universe started? This is a question not yet fully answered. If we consider that the Creator's experimentation intended to create a material universe, it certainly did not start with the Big Bang but long time before that. We should simply ask ourselves what was that caused the Big Bang. If we think of the Creator's intention for super-scientific experimentation in creating a material universe, we can easily come to a conclusion that it necessarily required a material base which had to come from the Creator's own essence, Pure Energy. There is no other source imaginable. Furthermore, we know that in our material world, the energy, in a variety of ways, is the source of life and base of existence of all matters from the Material Universe itself to planets and all living things in them. Based on all these facts the Creator, or the Matterless Universe, consisting of Pure Energy, would appear the only source of such immense energy required for the creation of the Material Universe and its continuing life, evolution and transformation.

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